Lit Culture Butterscotch Liquid Extract 15ml

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Lit Culture Butterscotch Liquid Kratom Extract 15ml
As one of our most refined extracts yet, our butterscotch liquid kratom extract is produced from the most mature kratom leaves, proving that everything only gets finer with age…like a fine cognac!
Being robust in flavor and smooth in texture, kratomsavants will surely appreciate this butterscotch liquid kratom extract for its intense but delectable experience.

Brand: Lit CultureKratom

Strain: Blend (Red, White & Green Vein)

Product Form: Liquid Extract

Extract Type: Full Spectrum Potency Level

Strength: Medium-High

Mitragynine Content: 110mg Per Bottle7-Hydroxymitragynine

Content: <0.02%Servings Per Bottle: 3 (5mL) ServingsIngredients: Purified Water; Vegetable Glycerin; Propylene Glycol; Natural & Artificial Flavors; Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) Leaf Extract; Citric AcidSize: 15mL (Glass Bottle)